About Us

We have set up an ethical and "compliant" deal sourcing and packaging service to help ourselves find the deals we want and those that other investors might like to buy!

We are not in the game of promising the earth to then say we failed to get what you wanted from your property. We are here to legally and effectively get you the best deal we can on any property you sell through our network or buy from us!


Your money and your property are precious assets. Some services will treat them as their own assets not yours! They will abuse your property and can leave your agreement with them owing you money!

If you do your due diligence you will be able to spot those worth avoiding!

Flip Flops Property are HMRC Registered for AML (Anti Money Laundering Supervision). We are also ICO Registered for Data Compliance (GDPR etc)! And we are also Registered under the Property Redress Scheme.

Our Professional Partners in Legal, Financial and all other areas of property management, are all Qualified and available to talk to!

ALL of these things are not just for show, we live by the Codes of Ethics we sign up to - ask your advisors if they have the same and get them to PROVE it!


What We Do

Meet & Agree

We really prefer to meet and greet our potential Investors or Professional Partners.

There are many we could work with but you cannot get to know someone well enough over distance, zoom or a social media platform.

We like our Investors to come to the area and see what it has to offer and will arrange "Investor Days" for those who are serious and complete our "On-Boarding " Process! It's worth it and it's good fun too!

Most agree to this approach!

Project Planning

There are many steps to any project. In Sourcing alone did you know there are 12 Process Steps to a Compliant Sourcing Deal, this escapes many sourcing agents who leave you to it because they are not "compliant" or knowledgeable!

We do it by the book!

Rushing into property is NOT how to become a successful investor. Ask any "GURU" Property Trainer, they will tell you that their Support Team and Research made them rich, not rushing held long into any deal just to get a deal done!

Design & Create

We DESIGN many different deals and we CREATE Investment Opportunities that stack up!

You should ALWAYS research the deals you are offered, even from our own service!

What you tend to find is that sourcing agents almost ALWAYS over cook the figures when it comes to ROI, GDV, Rental Income and so on - ALL the important stuff!

We will tell you what it really is AND present the Research for you to check for yourself!