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Please Note that THIS SERVICE is only available within the Tees Valley Region at present!

Add Value to Land


Adding VALUE to your land might seem simple enough at first glance, but in reality, many D.I.Y Planning Applications FAIL!

Why is this?

Well, in reality, the Planning Process seems straight forward enough and the forms used are pretty much standard in design and nature, however, it is the CONTENT you add or leave out that can squash your chances of ever getting an acceptance from the Planning Department of your Local Council.

The Planning Process involves many moving parts and you need to KNOW where and what to look for, HOW to present it and how to KNOW IN ADVANCE, whether you will win or lose!

If we do a FREE INITIAL ASSESSMENT of your project and we feel it won't be granted planning permission, would you prefer that than to have shelled out thousands in fees to traditional providers of these valuable services and then to lose out anyway?

Our Services

The services that Flip Flops Property offers is simple:

1. We will do an INITIAL ASSESSMENT for FREE

2. We will investigate the POTENTIAL for success

3. We will submit the PLANNING APPLICATION


If we don't get your OUTLINE Planning Permission, we don't get paid. The way we get paid is through the Planning Application being successful.

Unlike other professionals in this industry, who you would normally have to pay "Time + Expenses" regardless of the Planning Application Outcome, Flip Flops Property will put SKIN IN THE GAME in the form of TIME, RESEARCH and KNOWLEDGE,

This REDUCES your RISK and FINANCIAL OUTLAY substantially. If we win the Planning Permission, all it will have cost you is the fees normally required to get a Planning Application submitted.

With Flip Flops Property you don't pay us anything, even when we WIN! Are you curious enough to start a conversation?


How can we do this?

The idea that we can spend a LOT of money for Planning Consent and get absolutely NO-WHERE is really annoying we think you'll agree. Why, as a Land Owner or Property Investor, would it be OK to work in this way? Most would agree it's got to stop! So, we thought, "Let's do this in a different way"!

We came up with the idea that we could provide a pretty accurate idea of whether any given plot of land could get Planning Consent given half a decent chance. Would you agree? Pretty simply put, because we know how a Planning Application is put together, we know that the charges "others" make for the same service is without any risk to the provider whatsoever!

Because charges are made on a "Time PLUS Expenses" basis, the traditional service provider has NO RISK or SKIN IN THE GAME! Do you think they actually CARE what the outcome will be? You SHOULD, because if they knew what was required, why do so many "Assisted Applications" also FAIL?

Flip Flops Property do CARE whether YOU WIN or not because that is the ONLY WAY we get paid for all our work. If we can't win the Planning Permission for you without going to a Planning Appeal, it's fair to say that no-one else will either!

If you are looking to add value to your land asset, would it hurt to try our service instead of going to a more traditional, and more expensive, source of help? We are just as professional, we use many of the tools they will, we even have tools they don't. It's time to think differently and give yourself a fighting chance of winning the Planning Permission you need to make the profits you know are there.

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