Our Services

There are many service providers in the Property World that offer a wide variety of options to property investors, home or business sellers and buyers and there are fees for many things, some providers even "double dip" property transactions, in other words they charge the seller and the buyer fees for the same property deal - we don't!

Property Investors!

We are a "Compliant" Sourcing and Packaging Partner.

We are based in the Tees Valley and we work with property professionals in this region to support your investment ambitions.

We deal with vendors directly, Estate Agencies and we also work with other sourcing service providers.

We have extensive AML, DD, CC and market research tools at our disposal and LOCAL KNOWLEDGE!

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Property Sales!

If you need to sell your property fast, why not give Flip Flops Property the opportunity to help you to get a better price?

Any of this sound familiar?

  • Estate Agents are too slow
  • Auctions cost YOU money
  • "We buy any rip off".com
  • UnInhabitable
  • UnMortgageable
  • Other Investor Let Downs
  • Unwanted property
  • Needs too much work to it
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Property Sourcing!
  • "Compliant" Services
  • Researched Data
  • Researched Valuations
  • Strategy Assessments
  • Investor Representation
  • Investor Portfolio Building
  • Professions & Trades Network
  • Residential / Commercial
  • Land / New Developments
  • Joint Venture Projects

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What We Do

Meet & Agree

We like to Meet with our Clients whenever possible so that we can discover the common ground we might share!

We like to Agree in principal on an approach to property investing that will suit both parties, we also like to ensure we understand what you want from our time together.

Project Planning

We like to plan our projects out before we present them to our Clients.

Although property investment can be very manic, especially when the market is heating up, we want to make sure we have a plan that stacks up!

After all, you don't want to invest in anything but a profitable asset!

Design & Create

We always strive to Design any project so that it Creates a profit for our Clients and ourselves!

This process involves the use of experienced Partners and as many analysis tools that we can muster!

If we start with the end goal in mind we can Design our own outcomes pretty closely.

We aim to Create investments that will Cash Flow well and gain a steady Capital Growth for our Clients over time!