There are many Professionals in the Property Industry and we, as a business, will use more than most!

This is also true for our Clients. When they buy and sell property they live in or that they are investing in, we all need Professional Support!

Working with Flip Flops Property is not, as some might feel, anything less than Professional!

We are NOT here to steal your fees or clients, we are here to give them to you!

Isn't it time you stopped listening to the negativity and join the reality?


"Your Nett Worth is your Network"!

Mortgage Support:

Mortgage products and their Market are not for the feint hearted or amateur investor!

This is where YOU come into play! A Professional Mortgage Broker who can look at any project and act QUICKLY!

You will also be experienced in supporting Property Investors and the strategies used: (Rent to Rent / Flips / Delayed Completion / Bridging and more!)

If you can support our Clients and ourselves, contact us today! Please note, you will need to be able to demonstrate a history of success as a Mortgage / Funding Provider!

Legal Support:

EVERY Property Transaction requires legal support. During our work as a "Compliant" Deal Sourcer we offer the SELLER a "No Legal Fees" Deal!

Could your firm be one side of this transaction or both? Can you complete property transactions FAST?

We need legal professionals to act for our clients in residential and commercial settings and for our own legal support.

If you can offer us what we need, please contact us to arrange a meeting!

Survey's & Valuations:

From house to warehouse and all things in-between, we will need to work with experienced, fast turnaround service providers!

From an investor point of view, valuations are a key pinch point for any investment project.

If a service is slow to respond, deals are often lost, our clients need to know that your service won't let them down.

If you specialise in Residential or Commercial property, we'd like to hear from you!


Property needs TLC on an ongoing basis. Our clients and ourselves are looking to work with Trades that can achieve the right end result!

We are looking to add respected trades people to our Team. We expect you will be experienced, talented and reliable as a minimum!

We will need to see previous work and testimonials from your current and past customers!

We will need Carpenters, Brick Layers, Plumbers, Electricians, Plasterers, Painters, Decorators, Gardeners, Landscapers, Tree Surgeons and more!

If you fit the bill, drop us an email!